Kick out the Jams MC5 DVD and Leni Sinclair Print Bundle

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Buy Together! CREEM's MC5 Documentary and Leni Sinclair Print of Wayne Kramer take on a new life of their own. 

{Print is 16'x12'' on archival quality acid free paper}

"To be sure, Detroit's MC5 were some bad mofos. With their hard-edged take on psychedelia, radical politics and personal liberation, the Five's cultural vibration were so profound they're still being felt today." 

Leni Sinclair and Cary Loren have curated some of the most striking footage in this 35 minuite film to DVD collection. 

Songs include: 

  • Looking At you
  • Ramblin' Rose
  • Kick Out The Jams
  • Black to Comm'
  • I Want You Right Now
  • Rocket Reducer No. 62
  • The Pledge Song
  • Come Together
  • Starship
  • Motor City is Burning
  • Shakin' Street


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