SIGNED Leni Sinclair "Kick out the Jams" 50th Anniversary Print

  • $125.00

Legendary photographer Leni Sinclair shot the most iconic early MC5 band photos as well as the classic "Kick Out the Jams" promo film. Here, we have produced the quintessential White Panther Party image of Brother Wayne Kramer. 

Image description: Wayne Kramer's back is to the camera. Slung criss-cross on his shoulders is the famous Fender Stratocaster (pre-American Flag paint job) and an m1-carbine. Right fist raised in solidarity, teased brown afro, brilliant floral shirt, heeled boots, and black flared pants. What a getup! This is Detroit's counterculture a la 1969.

Outfit Details: Although this print is in black and white, rock legend Wayne Kramer performed in style and we have you covered on the details. MC5 Star was wearing a gold jacket lamé jacket, classic black corduroys, and bright white leather boots in this vintage yet timeless photo. 

Print Details: Limited to 100 prints, this is a 16"x12", black and white, signed by photographer, archival quality digital print.

Shipping: Available to ship on March 1, 2019.

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